Anar, Úrin (Úrind-) (the latter was a "name of the Sun"; in LT1:271 úrin is glossed "blazing hot", and the word for "Sun" is Úr ["Ûr"] or Úri, Úrinci, Urwen.The stem Úrin is derived from was struck out in Etym. However, several words that must be derived from the same stem occur in LotR, indicating that Tolkien restored it.) Naira ("the heart of flame"), Calavénë, Calaventë (other names for the Sun). Yet another term was Ancalë or "Radiant One", but it is unclear whether or not Tolkien rejected this form (see LR:362 s.v. KAL). NEW SUN AFTER SOLSTICE ceuranar (VT48:7). SUNLIGHT árë (older [MET] ázë); SUNRISE anarórë, ambaron/Ambarónë (uprising, Orient) (a similar but untranslated word, Ambaróna, occurs in LotR), rómen (glossed "uprising, sunrise, east" in Silm:437, but the normal meaning of the word is always "east"). SUNSET andúnë (west, evening). (Amuntë in LT2 is certainly obsolete in LotR-style Quenya.) RAY OF THE SUN firin (this may not be a valid word in LotR-style Quenya; in a later source, firin is the adjective "dead"). –ANÁR, UR, LotR:1157, LotR:254, ORO, AM, LotR:490, NDU, MR:198, Silm:428, LT2:335, 341

Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya). 2014.


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